galazzo GLASS
            sopp CERAMIC


"galazzo GLASS sopp CERAMIC is the newly created and innovative design team of glass artist, Barbara Galazzo and ceramic artist, Janine Sopp. "This collaboration gives us the ability to explore and express in our principle medium while we expand ourselves into infinite, creative possibilities. We push the boundaries of our materials in order to intertwine our vision and broaden our connection."

Inspired by these opposing forces, they integrate colorful, fused glass with rich, textural clay, incorporating such opposites as opaque vs. transparent, surface texture vs. glassy smoothness and neutral vs. color, melding ceramic and glass mediums into one cohesive sculptural creation. The glass, with its fluid transparency dances onto and through the richly textured, earthy clay forms. The interplay between the combined satin and gloss carved designs on ceramic circles by Sopp are given further light and power by the intense jewel-toned fused glass circles by Galazzo. Both elements, the work of master artisans that bring out the best in each medium, echo each other in color and motif and pattern, often overlapping in clusters as light shines through the glass discs pouring additional color onto the ceramic beneath.

With attention to design and detail, Galazzo meticulously cuts and combines hundreds of colorful pieces of glass, layering them to create depth in what will become a final fused piece. Using the wheel to initiate a piece, or working with a slab, Sopp alters then adds texture and stain to her organic forms in order to achieve the dimension she seeks. Both are masterful with their use of color.

Both artists have accomplished careers as former dancer/potter and fashion/textile designer. They co-owned a Gallery in NYC, had features in numerous magazines and publications, interior design projects, national and international galleries and museums. In addition, Barbara's glass has received a Niche Award, was on exhibit at the WG at BEII exhibition at Bullseye Gallery and at Chicago S.O.F.A.

Selected Exhibitions, Awards & Installations

2011 Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Medical Center, Washington, DC
Permanent Lobby Installation
2010 Taos Art Glass Invitational, J.Fine Gallery, Taos, NM
2010 Essential Vision, The Pomona Cultural Center, Pomona, NY
2009 Garnerworld 75 Years, GaGa Arts Center, Garnerville, NY
2009 Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York, NY